How do I get started and how do the auctions work?

In order to participate in our auctions, you will need to register first. This is free and usually takes less than 30 seconds.

Each bid raises the auction price of an item by $0.01.

Be the last to place a bid when the clock runs out, and you win!

To get more information on how the auctions work, click on “How To”

How do I purchase bids?

After you have signed up, you can click "Buy Bids" at the top of the screen. You can then purchase a Booster Bids Bid Bundle for $25.00 that contains 50 bids (unless there is a special offer and then you can get 100 bids for the price of 50!) Once you buy, start bidding to win!

Am I really helping an organization if it is sponsoring a fundraiser with Booster Bids?

Absolutely. Any organization’s fundraiser receives a very significant portion of the purchase price of each Booster Bids Bid Bundle bought through that organization’s sponsored site. These Sponsors need your help and this is a fun way to help them out.

I know that this auction is different because it helps some sponsoring organizations with their fundraisers and it has much more valuable items for sale (a brand new car, for example), but is it similar to the type of auctions I see advertised nationwide on TV?

Yes! Everyone has seen those ads on TV where people are getting unbelievable deals on great products. This auction is similar to those other auctions, except this one ends “SUDDENLY...RANDOMLY...SUPRISINGLY. That's right...THIS AUCTION ENDS AT ANYTIME.” That means every bid has an equal importance!

What are my payment options and where does my credit card information go?

Booster Bids accepts a variety of payment options: Visa, MasterCard, Discover through one of the most trusted names in consumer digital security that we could find…Paypal. Paypal uses the Industry Standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to safeguard the account registration process and sign-up information. And, Paypal does not sell or send personal information to marketers or third parties.

In addition, no credit card information goes to Booster Bids. (In other words, Booster Bids never sees it.)

I won...what's next?

Congratulations! Within 72 hours of the closing of the auction for that particular item, you will receive an email (at the email address you provided upon signing up) containing the details concerning your winning bid and how to obtain that particular item. Then, just follow the instructions.

How many accounts can I have?

There is a limit to one account per person. If you are operating more than one account, your account(s) will be closed and all bids and or wins will be deemed null and void.

Why is this important? We do this in order to keep the auctions fair for all users. We have found that having multiple accounts can provide an unfair advantage to other participants.

How many auctions can I win? Is there a limit?

There is no limit. Go ahead and try to win all of them (or concentrate your efforts on the item you most want.)

How much is shipping?

It is FREE in the 48 contiguous states. If you live in Hawaii or Alaska (or a foreign country) we can quote you the lowest shipping price that we can find.

Are all the auctioned items brand new?


Are the products under warranty?

All items come with standard manufacturer’s warranty except any vacation trip that is occasionally auctioned by Booster Bids.

Who am I bidding against?

People like yourself that want to help this fundraiser, have fun and maybe even win a valuable product.

So, sign up, bid, enjoy!