Here’s a few more details on how all of this works:

Signing Up

The first step is fairly commonplace. Enter your email address (we just need your email address to contact you when you WIN…we will not share it with anyone else), your password and click on Let’s Get Started Now. Please note that when you click on the Let’s Get Started Now button you are saying that you have read and agree with the terms and conditions listed on this website.

The second step is equally commonplace. You now need to create your account by entering your credit card information in the spaces provided. This information does not go to Booster Bids. In other words, Booster Bids never sees it. Instead, your information is retained by one of the most trusted names in consumer digital security that we could find…Stripe. Paypal uses the Industry Standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to safeguard the account registration process and sign-up information. Also important to you, “Paypal does not sell or send your personal information to marketers or third parties.”

Once you have created your account, in order to participate in the auctions, you must buy at least one Booster Bids Bid Bundle which has 50 bids (unless there is a Welcome Booster Bids Bonus Bid sale and then you can get 100 bids for the price of 50.) Bids must be purchased and paid for prior to online bidding.

NEW to Booster Bids? Then You can get twice the bidding power. When you purchase your first Booster Bids Bundle, YOU will get TWICE the number of BIDS.

That’s right…100 BIDS for the price of 50!

If you run out of bids (and we will let you know when that happens…however, the number of bids you have remaining in your account is always at the top of the auctions) additional bids can be purchased in bundles by clicking on BUY Bids NOW. Be Prepared to take advantage of a special EXCLUSIVE bargain. The clock will be running, so don’t let this great offer pass you by.

How the Auctions Work

You can place a bid on an item in any ongoing auction by clicking on the relevant “BID” button. With each bid submitted, the price of the item on which a user is bidding increases by only $0.01.

All of our auctions are live and real time. The way our auctions work is based on an internal countdown timer that ends or closes each auction at a time determined by the algorithms within our trade secret programming (it’s just like having our own digital auctioneer). This means that EACH AUCTION HAS A PRE-DETERMINED UNKNOWN TIME LIMIT and that any auction may end at any time.

If you are the last person to place a bid when our digital auctioneer drops the internal hammer on the auction, then you are the winner of that auction.

Winning an Auction

If you have won an auction, then within 72 hours of the closing of the auction for that particular item you will receive an email (at the email address you provided upon registering) containing the details concerning your winning bid and how to obtain that particular item. Then, just follow the instructions.

It’s just that simple, so…

Bid. Win. ENJOY!