To get started all you need to do is Sign Up and buy a Bid Bundle which has 50 Bids and only costs $25.00!

Once you have purchased bids, you can bid on any of the auctions where YOU could win a brand new CAR, a $1,000 VISA card or any of the other great products.

Also, you get FREE Bids. Every time you use one of your purchased bids, you get a Free Bid.

However, you may lose your Free Bids. When each item appears, you must either click on “Bid” or “No Bid”. If you don’t click on one of those two buttons, you lose a Free Bid.

You can place a bid on any item by clicking the “BID” button. With each bid submitted, the price of the item on which the user is bidding increases by only one PENNY!

All of our auctions are live and real time. The way our auctions are conducted is based on an internal algorithm that ends or closes each auction at a predetermined point determined within our trade secret and patent pending programming. This means that EACH AUCTION HAS A PRE-DETERMINED UNKNOWN ENDING POINT CALLED A “DECLARED SALE” and that means any auction may end at any time and that time is unknown by us. If you are the last person to place a bid when the internal algorithm digitally “brings down the hammer” on the auction for a Declared Sale, then you are the winner of that auction and there will be only one winner per each item auctioned.

If you win an auction, you will receive a notice containing the details concerning your winning bid and how to obtain that particular item. Then, just follow the instructions.

It’s just that simple, so…            

Bid. Win. ENJOY!